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10 Fun Things to Do To enjoy A Beautiful Summer Sky

Let’s be sincere. The sky in the summer in many places of the world is simply beautiful. That’s why so many people go after that great sun and beach in the summer. And that hasn’t to be expensive at all. Please read below how you can really enjoy an extraordinary summer without paying that much.



Summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Below are some cost-free or low-cost ways to have a blast–without breaking the bank!

1. Read.
Keep current with the news, or crack open that great novel you’ve been meaning to read. Browse your local library or a used bookstore for interesting and unique finds that you won’t see on the shelf of the mega-bookstores.

2. Do some gardening.
Start an herb garden, or grow your own fruits and vegetables. Not only are home grown foods healthy, but they can save you money as well. Or, plant some flowers and watch them bloom. You’ll have fresh flowers all summer long!

3. Go fly a kite.
Or blow some bubbles. Or have a squirt gun war–anything that lets your inner child come out to play. Buy a kiddie pool, fill it up with water and ice cubes, slather on some SPF, and lounge around poolside for a day.

4. Go camping.
Nothing says summer like S’mores over an open fire and a night under the open sky. Load up the kids/friends/pets and head for the woods. Leave the laptop at home and connect with nature. Time with the great outdoors can be refreshing.

5. Volunteer.
Got some extra time on your hands this summer? Then give back to your church/community/favorite cause by volunteering your time to help. Local shelters, soup kitchens, and even animal shelters would love your assistance!

6. Get your festival on.
The summer months are a popular time for community festivals. Whether they celebrate heritage, history, music, or food, they’re sure to have something for almost everyone. And let’s face it, where else will you find grown men in lederhosen?

7. Plan a picnic.
Grab a basket, some sandwiches, lemonade, and a few friends and head to a shady spot for a meal al fresco. Lounge around into the afternoon playing cards, watching the clouds or just enjoying the warm weather.

8. Go swimming!
Ah, swimming–the favorite pastime of children the world over. Grab your bathing suit and head to your nearest pool, ocean, lake, or stream and brush up on your backstroke. Plus, it’s great exercise–no treadmill required!

9. Take some pictures.
The summer sky is a great backdrop for budding photographers. Take pictures of flowers in bloom, your friends, a sunset, or whatever grabs your attention. Play around with different settings to discover a style that works for you.

10. Stargaze.
Bring someone special along and look for falling stars, satellites, meteor showers, and even other planets. Bring along a constellation book and a flashlight and see who can spot the most in the night sky.

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