10 Symptoms That You Are The Internet Addict

Is there such a thing as Internet addiction? Which border has to be crossed to get addict status? How to admit to ourselves that we have a problem? What to do when we realize that the problem exists?

Those are frequently asked questions today, but obviously not spoken out loud enough. Problem gets bigger and bigger every day. Number of those who deny losing control over life because of false sense of happiness caused by being in virtual world is increasing.

Let’s call it “avoiding reality”; why facing problems, failures and disappointments, when we can simply go to a place where all problems vanish.  

Wikipedia puts it this way: Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is excessive computer use that interferes with daily life.

This addiction is not yet included in official psychiatric classification, so officially we are still sane.

The term Internet addiction is as wrong as calling alcoholism: “bottle addiction”.  We have addiction to web services.

Disturbing discovery of British scientists proves strong connection between long term Internet usage and depression. They don’t say Internet addiction is the cause or the effect of depression.

If you are already depressed, it is possible that you’ll dive into too much Internet usage in search for comfort. If you are not depressed yet, go online and soon you will become. You will get into all sorts of stuff, meet hundreds of friends, and everything  is great at the beginning … and then comes the day when no one is on Face, MSN, Skype… and you realize that your comfort is illusory – and you fall in depression.


1. Turning on the computer right after waking up, sometimes even directly from bed.
2. Neglecting of usual life habits, replaced with increased time online
3. Neglecting of physical necessities (as eating or sleeping)
4. Neglecting of family and real-life friends
5. Neglecting of work, school or other responsibilities  
6. Inability to control or limit time spent online
7. Denial of addiction and…

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