11 Old Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Covers That Are Insane

1. Alien Art by Gordon R. Dickson

Yeah, man! That’s what I’m talking about! Art! A landscape, a city that looks like glowing mushrooms, a dude with a gun and some kind of giant god-mongoose. I want to live there.

2. Die Trummerreiter (Heftroman) by Perry Rhodan

From my dreams to my nightmares, man. Listen, I love cats. I love cats so very much. And to think that anyone would give cats big monster ears and metal diapers, then make them fly a spaceship…it’s too much.

3. Lord of Thunder by Andre Norton:

Okay, that’s better. This cat’s been gene-spliced with an owl and is trying to eat those science men in that spaceship as a way of protecting American Moses with the bald eagle. Andre Norton was a prophet, bro.

4. Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick

This thing’s weird enough as it is, but seriously, check out the author’s name. I can’t even believe they got away with publishing that – right on the cover! That’s hilarious to me!

5. The Guardians of the Flame by Joel Rosenberg

Oh man, I know this is a family site and all, but old J. Thor’s gotta be honest with you: I would. I would. I probably would. I would. I actually wouldn’t. And I definitely would.

6. Harm’s Way by Colin Greenland

Man, I would have paid a lot more attention when my parents were watching Touched by an Angel if the angels were getting up to some serious touching. Check the six pack, bro.

7. The Six Clans Chronicles by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone

You know how in the Matrix, everyone looks different than in the real world? Like, it’s a version of themselves the way they’d like to see themselves? Their perfect selves? Yeah, man. Exactly.

8. Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 by L. Ron Hubbard

So, I haven’t read most of these, but I actually dove into this one, and I gotta tell ya: It worked for J. Thor. Everything about it, man. I’m super into this Hubbard guy and am stoked to meet up with this fan group of his I’ve been hearing about.

9. Strange Relations by Philip Jose Farmer

Well, yeah, Philip, I would say that’s pretty effing strange. What’s that? Oh, I’m sorry: That’s pretty fucking strange, José. Which one of those even laid those eggs!?

10. The Green Girl by Jack Williamson

J. Thor over here going through a dry spell, dying of thirst. Meanwhile, evil flowers with armadillo skin are picking up green chicks like they’re Captain Kirk.

11. The Long Way Home by Poul Anderson

What’s more terrifying that a werewolf? A werecat. What’s more terrifying that a werecat? A werecat with a gun.

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