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Immigration is about more than economics

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017:

Sir, Your editorial “The European migrants that Britain depends on” (February 24) rehearses a familiar set of arguments which, as ever, fail to take into account a number of critical points. First, immigration undoubtedly increases total gross domestic product — it would be strange if a larger population did not give this result. But the correct measure should surely be GDP per capita, and here there appears to be vanishingly small changes. Second, any gains from immigration do not appear to be fairly shared. As Dame Louise Casey wrote in her review about opportunity and integration, “it has often been […] Read More →

Sessions questions Justice Department reports on Ferguson and Chicago policing

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017:

Newly minted Attorney General Jeff Sessions questioned reports published by his agency about policing in Chicago and Ferguson, Missouri, describing “some of it” as “pretty anecdotal and not so scientifically based.” While admitting that he had not read the reports, but instead viewed summaries, Sessions questioned the department’s findings using the “anecdotal” critique and cautioned that there will always be some mistakes. “You have 800,000 police in America, imagine a city of 800,000 people,” said Sessions. “There’s going to be some crime in it, some people are going to make errors.” The Chicago investigation, released in January, found “systemic deficiencies” […] Read More →

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