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Day: February 15, 2017

Park Systems Announces Revolutionary Single Click Software SmartScan Available on Park XE Series Atomic Force Microscopes

Park XE15 AFM, a powerfully versatile atomic force microscope featuring a unique MultiSample™ scan, with the ability to automatically image and measure up to nine individual samples With SmartScan mode, the AFM automatically does the frequency sweep and intelligently decides on the best amplitude/frequency setting and the images are as impressive as if they were […]

Dog owner upset after rescuing dog from pit bull attack

The 5-year-old miniature Schnauzer can no longer wag her tail. It was amputated after her owner says she was attacked by two pit bulls. “Here I am with these two pit bulls trying to attack my dog, and taking my fists trying to hit them in the head like that’s really going to do something,” […]

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