6 free apps to install on a new MacBook

Congrats on your new MacBook. Apple outfits you with a bounty of preinstalled software, but it doesn’t cover everything. Here are six free apps that I installed on my new new MacBook Pro and use regularly, from an uninstaller to a word processor, with four useful apps in between.

Let’s take them in alphabetical order:


You may not have many — or any — third-party apps installed on your new MacBook, but sooner or later you’ll add something that you’ll then want to uninstall. If you simply drag an app to the trash, it doesn’t remove all of its associated files. With MacOS still lacking a proper uninstaller, you’ll need to turn to a third-party app to completely uninstall anything unwanted. There are a number of Mac uninstallers but I like AppCleaner because it’s free and works fast.

Launch AppCleaner and you’ll see a small window, into which you can drag files for removal. Just open up your Applications folder and drag the app you wish to remove. You’ll see the app and its associated files in the AppCleaner window, along with a Remove button. If dragging isn’t your jam, click the button in the top-right to browse a list of your applications or search for the one you no longer want.

Download AppCleaner for free here.

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I prefer Chrome to Safari because its little favicons let me — at a quick glance — make sense out of the dozens of tabs I have open at any given moment during the day. Until Safari adds favicons to its boring and uselessly gray tabs, I’m sticking with Chrome on my Mac. I used Chrome even when it was a resource-hogging battery drainer, and now that Google has improved Chrome’s performance, it’s clearly my browser of choice.

Download Chrome for free here.


Apple is making strides with iCloud Drive, but I still can’t quit my Dropbox habit. It remains my preferred method for moving files between my iPhone and Mac, along with sharing files from my Mac to others. The Dropbox app integrates itself into the Finder and adds a helpful menu bar icon for quick access.

Download Dropbox for free here.

Dropbox is still a great way to upload files to the cloud and share them with others.

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Staring at a blue screen before bed, whether it be a phone, tablet or laptop, can shift your body’s natural clock and make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Apple introduced Night Shift for MacOS but I’m sticking with Flux for now, because it offers an extra phase for shifting the color temperature and gradual…

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