8 Best ways to improve yourself

Successful people are always searching to know more about themselves. You will find that many of them have similar traits that has brought about this success.

If you are not sure how to improve your life, then read on and take some of the following on board.

  1. Get a mentor- Find someone to help bring the best out in you. Someone independent of your current world that can assist you move to the next level. How about trying a coach.
  2. Read- Educate yourself through books. Both in print and online. Well read people defintely find massive improvement by learning from others
  3. Make a list: Studies show that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them
  4. Build a team: If you want to improve yourself, then build the right team around you. Too many people keep so-called friends around them who take great pleasure when they are not achieving. Every great CEO builds a quality team around them.
  5. Take a course: Attending courses is much more than just watching a teacher, it is about finding people who have a common interest. Dont forhet to look at online  as well as offline courses.
  6. Invest in YOU: If you want to move to your next level, then invest in your self. Buy books, attend courses and reap the rewards.
  7. Listen to positive input.  In the computer world they talk about garbage in/garbage out. In other words you input rubbish into your mind, then expect the same output. Buy CDs. download quality information and listen on your IPod, computer and in your car. Continue to reprogram your brain. 
  8. Repetition: If you want to get better at anything in life and improve your performance in it, from sport to neuroscience, you need to practice. The more you practice, the quicker the brain will absorb and make it second nature. Anyone who is any good at anything is always practicing.

Some people will read this list and forget about after a few days. Others will write it down and post it somewhere and others will put it into motion. 

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