A Story of War, Hope, and Redemption” Is an Absorbing Book about a Man’s Struggle Against PTSD and Alienation

“The Things We Carry: A Story of War, Hope, and Redemption”: a moving true story on a daily “spiritual combat” a Christian is destined to engage in. “The Things We Carry: A Story of War, Hope, and Redemption” is the creation of published author, Shane Griffin, a prolific writer whose work is mostly inspired by his experiences with combat while serving in the U.S. Air Force and by revisits on social issues he observed as a child in Arkansas.

Shane shares, “My first point of data is anecdotal, but I have come to rely on more and more when it comes to PTSD since, in my understanding, others’ experiences have borne out truth that science eventually catches up with. A friend of mine went through some very serious trauma and knew I had been dealing with PTSD for a while. She called me up to discuss what was going on with her. She too was a writer and told me one of the most aggravating things that was going on was that she felt like she had lost something, some of her wit. She felt like she had lost some of her intellect along with her other emotional distress. Of course, this was a big problem for someone who make a living off her God-given abilities as a freelance author and artist. This loss of wit, in turn, added a lot to the stress she was already feeling. This confession was a flash of redemption for me. I too felt the same way, and I had never heard nor read of any other person suffering from PTSD that had experienced this.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Shane Griffin’s new book narrates the author’s experiences of learning about PTSD that is evident in him and with other people he has been able to talk and reach out too, engaging readers to help victims of extreme traumatic stress in their healing process. Moreover, Griffin suggests that making PTSD victims feel accepted and loved helps them cope better in life.

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Consumers can purchase “The Things We Carry: A Story of War, Hope, and Redemption” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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