Adaptive music class for students with disabilities

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Finding ways to motivate students with disabilities can be a challenge, but local teachers at Charles City Middle School are using instruments and music to help students.

“I can do a good job in music class and I’m a good leader,” says Chayz Sachen, student.

Sachen is one of nine students in the adaptive music class.

Music teacher Renee Boss teaches the students twice a week on how to use the instruments.

“I feel that music should be a part of everyone’s daily life and the fact that this music is a part of these kids routine and that it brings enjoyment and happiness for everybody for but also the adults.”

And as a mother of a child with a disability this class is close to her heart.

“We noticed that this was something that she always benefited from which was some sort of music therapy,” says Boss.

Boss isn’t the only mother noticing a difference, so is mother Andrea Levigne.

Her son Noah has autism and has seen a huge improvement since starting this class.

“He’s grown, I can tell that with learning and even with communication and other stuff he’s blossomed.”

In fact, she says she plans to introduce Noah to other music activities outside of the classroom.

“He wants a keyboard actually, hopefully grandma gives him a keyboard or one of us gets him a keyboard. We want to get him into piano lessons and stuff and he’s in basketball right now.”…

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