Anger, panic button, underestimating Westbrook

Instead of jocular ho-ho-ho’s the OKC Thunder bring in December with anger and frustration.

OKC Thunder In the news for December 1 focuses on the ever growing concern of when this team is going to turn the corner. All season the OK3, Head Coach Billy Donovan and the rest of the roster have played off the losses. It’s been a constant barrage of sound bites focusing on ‘when we click’, ‘we’re almost there’ and ‘we aren’t worried’.  Those optimistic refrains are gone following two embarrassing losses

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Stepping to the front:

Replaced by leadership starting with the reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook and Billy Donovan who both stepped up to claim ownership for the losses.  To a certain extent they do share in the blame. Westbrook is still trying to figure out how to function with his two super stars and is forcing his game a little.

In Orlando his passes were noticeably thrown either too low or too hard. Perhaps the sore wrist contributed to these miscues. But, hey why not put the ball in Paul George’s hands more if that’s the case. It might even lead to confusing the opponent on defense.

As for Donovan his rotations continue to be head scratching. Why go out and get Patrick Patterson a historic top talent defensively and then play him sparingly? Note to Billy Donovan… the other historic fact is Patterson starts hitting from deep at a greater clip in December — hello it’s December Billy! Or why not utilize Josh Huestis who was stellar in the win over the Warriors? He had a DNP CD in the Orlando game and 2:27 in the Dallas game.

Angry Melo:

Carmelo Anthony chose a different stance. Of the triad Melo has arguably been the most chill about the integration. But, if we are to believe his post game stance he’s ticked off and rightfully so. Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway offered more insight into Carmelo’s anger.

Carmelo Anthony acknowledged something isn’t working with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the moment. He just has no plans to follow in his friend Dwyane Wade‘s footsteps and make a move to the bench. 

“Nobody is moping around, nobody is frustrated—I think guys are angry, I think guys are pissed,” Anthony told reporters Thursday. “That just comes from your competitive nature and wanting to win games, understanding the talent level we have over here and not being able to put it together right now.” 

Panic button officially will be pushed prior to trade…

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