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Dirt will soon be moving on the new location for El Paso Animal Clinic.

Plans by management of the busy veterinarian practice for a $2 million new home received approval by the Derby Planning Commission at its May 4 meeting.

There were no major obstacles for the plan; however, the original concept for a pole sign will be revisited and a new design will be selected. Most of the adjustments to the design were slight moves, such as increasing the access for emergency vehicles.

The landscaping aspect of the design received unusually high praise from City Planner Cody Bird, who said that his staff thought it was “stellar.”

“It went above and beyond what was called for,” he said of the plan, which calls for extensive use of low-maintenance greenery.

The clinic now is in a 2,400-square-foot building at 233 S. Georgie Ave., where its parking lot is almost always full and staff – and patients – are crowded.

The family-owned business purchased 1.5 acres in the 800 block of Buckner just south of the K-15 McDonald’s, where its owners will build the new 9,000-square-foot facility.

There are about eight acres on the parcel and the clinic purchased the northeast corner. While off K-15, the building will be visible from it.


The family-owned El Paso Animal Clinic purchased 1.5 acres just south of the K-15 McDonald’s, where its owners will build a new clinic. Clinic owners purchased the northeast corner, outlined here.

El Paso is known for its high volume of customers, which is just the way management wants it.

It works on a no-appointment system and keeps its prices as low as possible, both which have proven to be popular approaches among pet owners.

But the limited space has made working in the current building an issue.

“We know each other really well,” said human resources manager Becki Herod with a laugh.

Construction should begin in July, she said, although clinic officials were hoping it would be sooner.

“Whenever we get our permit, we’re ready to ago,” Herod said.

The design is pretty much the same as originally proposed by BDA Architecture of Albuquerque, N.M., other than incorporating a different color in the stone.

It’s not often that the commission handles an animal-related business, so there were a couple of specialized points planners made, including the fact that the…

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