Anthony Agbo uses Bible to explore Africa’s history

As a career politician and Christian, author Anthony Agbo – a senator in Southeastern Nigeria – often reflected on why Africa and Africans are so widely different from the rest of the world. This difference, he says, is a negative one.

In his new book, “Africa: The Glory, the Curse, the Remedy: A Biblical Perspective of the Africa Predicament” (published by Abbott Press), Agbo explores his theory that Africa was once a great nation until it was cursed by God.

Agbo says Africa once dominated the world and ancient civilization for thousands of years. This age of prosperity, he says, was set on a course to ruin when Nimrod the first world ruler and an Africa went into open confrontation with God, constructed the Tower of Babel as a symbol of defiance against God, and urged men to abandon God and worship him and went ahead to originate “gods of wood and stone”.

“In addition to this, succeeding African kings of the time; being the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enslaved and persecuted the Jews, God’s chosen people, and instituted idolatry, originated by Nimrod, as a state religion, through which idolatry and apostacy spread to every part of the world.” Agbo says.

Agbo notes this as the moment Africans were led astray, unto the wrath of God.

The author, among other things, reveals the pages of the Bible where he says thousands of years ago, God had pronounced distinctly all the evils that will befall Africa and Africans that have happened.

“Africa: The Glory, the Curse, the Remedy,” draws from both the Bible and current and past events of Africa to reinforce Agbo’s theory. Agbo hopes his book will not only convince readers of his theory, but also show them the lasting effects an individual’s actions can have on future generations and nations.

“Africa: The Glory, the Curse, the Remedy”

By Anthony Agbo

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 258 pages | ISBN 9781458214737

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 258 pages | ISBN 9781458214713

E-Book | 260 pages | ISBN 9781458214720

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Anthony Agbo was a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2007 to 2011. He holds a Master of Science in mathematics. He previously published a poetry collection, “Adoration of the King. Poems in honour…

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