Apple Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Review

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the new Apple (aapl) Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones. And after trying Studio3 with music, podcasts, and instrumental tracks, I can say they’re the best-sounding headphones I’ve ever tested.

The headphones, announced earlier this month in prelude to shipping in October, come with a whopping $350 price tag. But for that, you’re promised studio-quality audio and noise-canceling technology that Beats says removes outside distraction so you can focus on the music you’re listening to.

Like other Beats headphones, the Studio3 come in a variety of colors including black, red, and blue. The headphones have an earcup design, so they’ll envelop your ears and are bulkier than Apple-made alternatives, like its wireless AirPods.

But if it’s audio quality you care most about and you don’t mind spending some cash, buying the Studio3 is a good choice.

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Design and Comfort


The Studio3 Wireless Headphones have a traditional headphone design, so if you’d rather have a low-profile option like earbuds, the Studio3 aren’t for you.

But if you don’t mind earcups, you’ll find the Studio3 headphones are quite comfortable. The leather padding is comfortable on the ears, and even after prolonged use, I didn’t feel pain or start to get headaches like I have with other headphones.

The Studio3 version Beats sent me were red. The color was fine, but I think the gray, black, and white versions have a better aesthetic. Like other Beats headphones, the Studio3 headphones are made of plastic, but their construction doesn’t feel cheap.

A sliding mechanism on either side lets you adjust the headphones for fit. Under the cups, you’ll find a power button and light indicators to let you know if the headphones are on. There are also ports to charge the wireless headphones and plug in a cable, if you so choose.

I should also note that the Studio3 headphones come with a small carrying case and they fold up nicely to fit inside.

Ultimately, the Studio3 Wireless Headphones are about as good-looking as any big headphones you’d find today.

Audio Quality

The Studio3 Wireless Headphones’ audio quality is downright impressive. And I can’t tell you how many times I felt chills down my spine as a heavy bass reverberated, or when I heard nuances to songs I couldn’t hear when I played them over my iPhone’s speakers.

Whether it was music or talk shows I was listening to with the headphones, it all sounded great. Deep bass…

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