Author James George’s New Book “The Ripple Effect” Is the Devastating and Inspiring Story of a Recovering Addict Who Has Spent Nearly Five Decades of His Life in Prison

James George, a recovering addict who entered treatment in 1998 and has spent his time since completing the program helping others find sobriety, has completed his new book “The Ripple Effect”: a gripping and potent memoir of a dysfunctional childhood, the spiral into drug and alcohol abuse and inevitable criminality and incarceration. George ultimately succeeds in coming to terms with his addiction and using his experience to help others in prison find the inner strength to overcome their own.

James shares, “When I first decided to write this book, I knew it was meant to be an autobiography of a drug addict or a criminal, but as it began to take shape, I realized it was to become much more. The story of an addict is not uncommon; there are literally millions of us in this country alone. What I attempted to do was focus on the aspect of treatment. Not just conventional treatment utilized by facilities on the outside and as the format for programs in prison, but a radical, new approach far more intense.

Having spent years actively involved in treatment in a prison setting, I have witnessed the positive effect it can have when properly applied. I have also witnessed the detrimental effects DOC can have on treatment when they become involved, having absolutely no knowledge of treatment dynamics and thereby undermining the progressive application of the program.

My intention is not to demean corrections and the vital role it has in society but rather to expound on the importance of the two, embracing the concept of rehabilitation. Should corrections and treatment come together with one aim, to rehabilitate the addict or criminal and return him to society as a responsible, productive member of the community, I envision a new dimension in corrections.

Corrections have recently accepted the idea of faith-based pro- grams in our prisons being supported by churches and religious organizations. This is a wonderful concept in and of itself, offering spiritual guidance to those seeking it. More importantly, churches are coming together, offering help upon release of these inmates, assisting in their reentry into society. How much more successful could these programs be should they, too, embrace treatment!

There is a twofold purpose to the writing of this…

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