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Filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are thankful that, 20 years ago, they sat at the same lunch table at Bettendorf Middle School.

That’s what launched a strong friendship and business partnership, made official in 2001 when the duo established their production company, called Bluebox Films.

And that’s what made their latest — and, so far, biggest — success possible.

The Bettendorf natives have sold their screenplay, “A Quiet Place,” to Paramount Pictures. The horror film, set for release April 13, 2018, has attracted actors Emily Blunt, recently in “The Girl on the Train,” and John Krasinski, known for starring in “The Office,” and producer Michael Bay, who directed “Transformers” and “Pearl Harbor.” Beck and Woods will serve as executive producers.

“A Quiet Place” marks the first on-screen collaboration for Krasinski, who will also direct the film, and Blunt, who have been married since 2010.

It marks a milestone for Beck and Woods, who are both 32 and live in Los Angeles.

“All of the sudden, the project went from zero to 60, which was much faster than Bryan and I ever anticipated,” Beck said in a phone interview earlier this week. “From the outset, we wrote this script to be something that could easily be shot in Iowa for next to nothing, like that was always plan B.”

Plan A, as it turns out, exceeded their expectations.

“So often these days, the only projects that make it in the movie theaters are super hero movies, remakes and sequels, so to be able to take something that’s original and fresh and get the studio excited is really a dream come true,” Woods said.

Stepping stones

The movie’s plot is under wraps, but the pair said they started thinking about the concept while studying at the University of Iowa.

“It’s a project we have been working on for quite a while,” Woods said. “In college, we just had this cool idea that we kind of tucked into our drawer as we often do. About a year ago when we were going through ideas for movies, we pulled that one out and developed it into a script.”

Instead of pitching the idea as they have done in the past, Beck and Woods wrote the entire script on spec.

“This is one we were so excited about and so confident in that we just actually took the time out to write the whole project from beginning to end,” Woods said.

They met with a producer from Platinum Dunes, a company owned by Michael Bay, who loved the script so much that they took it directly to Paramount Pictures, a studio which has a first-look deal with Platinum Dunes. The studio also offered Beck and Woods a blind writing and directing deal for a second feature film.

That quick pace surprised the filmmakers, who last released a movie, “Nightlight,” in 2015.

“The motto out here is ‘hurry up and wait’ like everyone is hurry up, go, go, go and wait…

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