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Jeffery Aaron Miller writes fantasy for young adults. He brought to my attention the existence of another author who writes under the name Jeffery Miller, so when looking for his work, be sure to add his middle name. I looked at his list of published works before deciding to read his novel, “The Ribbon Tree.” Young adults deal with so much in life, and this book reflects their struggles just to fit into the world around them. It has a bully and three young people stuck in the Tuxedo Trailer Park for the summer with nothing much to do until they encounter a strange light and an egg-like object. They have an other world experience, but that is not the main point to the book. After turning the last page, I decided that the author’s main lesson was one of friendship. No matter what life throws your direction, no matter how hard things are to accept, if you have a friend to share the struggle, it is easier to cope with whatever comes your way.

Miller, who lives in Rogers, always wanted to be a writer, and he went to the University of Arkansas and graduated from their Creative Writing Program. He held a wide variety of jobs but always wanted to be a storyteller. In 2012, he decided if he was going to write, he would give up the other jobs and concentrate on doing just that. Two things happened: his books begin to take off, and he got the chance to ghost write for “Book In A Box,” a company who takes ideas brought to them by their clients, people who either can not or don’t want to take the time to write their own projects. This gave him an income while allowing him time to pursue his own writing.

Miller had some regional success early on. At that time, there was a teacher in Arkansas who had a recommended reading list for students, and Miller took a copy of “Mary of the Aether” to him hoping to interest him. The book was thrown on a desk with other books and when the teacher grabbed one of the books to read on the plane, fate stepped in and it happen to be Miller’s book. As the saying goes, “the rest is history.” The author credits the book cover as the reason his book was chosen. Laying on a desk with other titles, the yellow color on the cover attracted the reader, making that book stand out from the others.

When Miller talks about visiting different schools and speaking to the students, you glimpse a man who really enjoys the one-on-one contact with his reading audience. He tells of kids who…

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