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See how The Aluminum Association has been advocating for the industry the past eight decades.

In the early 1900s, United States’ business leaders began to recognize the potential to mass produce aluminum for various industrial applications.

Aluminum had early uses in engines, such as the one built in 1903 by the Wright brothers to power their first biplane. Power transmission lines and elevated train wiring were among the first to benefit from advantages of aluminum as an electrical conductor.

Aluminum foil entered the marketplace in 1910. The development of alloys, in which aluminum is the predominant material, began in 1911. This process enhanced physical properties within the metal and opened doors to new industrial fields.

One major breakthrough came in 1930 when major structures within the Empire State Building were built with aluminum, including interior structures and the famous spire.

The Aluminum Association held its first meeting in 1935 after President Franklin Roosevelt signed the National Industrial Recovery Act, which asked industries to establish guidelines for fair competition. The association today is the industry’s leading voice in Washington D.C. and seeks to promote and advance aluminum as the sustainable material of choice.

The Goals and Role of The Aluminum Association Today

The Aluminum Association represents aluminum production and jobs in the U.S., ranging from primary production to value-added products to recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry.

The aluminum industry supports 713,000 jobs and $186 billion in economic activity in the United States, and helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products such as more fuel-efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings, and modern electronics.

The association’s mission is to provide value to its membership through its leadership and services by promoting the production and use of aluminum as the sustainable material of choice.

The Aluminum Association is committed to driving communications that promote aluminum by providing timely and relevant industry statistics, facilitating the sharing of best practices such as worker safety, and advancing regulatory and legislative policy in state, federal, and international areas.

Industry Developments and Investment

Since 2013, The Aluminum Association member companies have announced or completed U.S. plant expansion investments totaling more than $2.3 billion and created more than 1,500 permanent American…

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