Branded kiosk for indoor and outdoor digital signage success

Branded kiosk for advertising.

A branded kiosk is pushing its way forward in the digital signage industry, as it is now linking the hardware to the companies who use them.

What is a branded kiosk?

These digital signage kiosks come in many types, from non touch to interactive, they can be standalone or network enabled, the screens can be in landscape or portrait. However the main difference is that some organisations brand kiosks with their corporate colour, logo and slogan to reinforce the image of the company.

How is a branded kiosk created?

Usually a kiosk is available in a dark colour so that the unit needs little cleaning, however to brand a kiosk all you need to do is call on a local screen printer and give the printer the details, such as colour, logo etc and the size of the kiosk that is to be branded and they can create decals that can then be adhered to the kiosk’s front and back making it instantly recognisable with the organisation that is using it.

Many financial institutes brand their kiosks that they have in the main area within he bank, sometimes they are near literature stands, so the branded digital signage kiosk displays information on the new savings accounts or tax beneficial savings and the correct literature and application form is directly on hand. This in turn frees up the bank staff to be more efficient on dealing with existing customers requirements.

An outdoor branded kiosk.

These kiosks are either touch screen or non touch, depending upon the location and the application of the kiosk, but the hardware inside has to be thermostatically controlled to prevent heat build up in the kiosk and damaging the internal hardware. These are branded the same way but use external grade bonding agents on the decals.

These branded kiosks allow the owner to add their corporate identity on the electronic kiosk and if it is a house hold name it can be used to build brand loyalty, however if it is a new start up company, it can help establish the…

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