Brit teacher Emma Kelty says she’s looking forward to ‘going solo’ in chilling video shot days before she was killed by pirates on the Amazon

THE British adventurer murdered in Brazil while kayaking alone in the Amazon recorded a video just days before her death saying she was “looking forward to going solo”.

Ex-primary school headteacher, Emma Kelty, 43, was 42 days into a perilous 4,000-mile journey down the Solimoes River when she was shot by pirates who dumped her body in piranha-infested waters.


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On a mission …Emma Kelty taped a video just days before she was murdered

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Emma spoke about wanting to strike out on her own and start her adventure
Emma Kelty​ ​is captured in haunting footage​ saying ‘I’m going solo and I’m really looking forward to it’ ​shortly before being ​killed in the Amazon

Four of the seven suspects arrested by police are said to have confessed to killing Emma for her belongings.

In haunting newly released footage, the north Londoner speaks candidly about wanting to get going on her own and looking forward to leaving the group she was travelling with behind so she could start her adventure.

Speaking directly into her GoPro camera, one of the items allegedly stolen by the bandits, she says: “It’s been quite a settled couple of days.

“My journey travelling with the group is nearing an end and in about three to four days I’ll start my journey on my own by being solo.

“I have to say that I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’ve been with the group now for a good six weeks, and I’m ready, most certainly, to be solo.”

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Emma was keen to strike out on her own so she could start her adventure

Sitting in the middle of the murky Amazon river as a clap of thunder rings out, Emma sounds resolute, self-assured and optimistic as she admits with a smile that she is “a solo girl”.

Then she adds: “Therefore, being part of a group on such an adventure has been great but it’s time for me to have my solo time.”

About thirty seconds of footage shows Emma paddling in her Kayak through calm waters located near Santa Maria de Nieva, in Peru.

The former army cadet must have put a little distance between herself and her fellow travellers as no one else appears in the video and she speaks without interruption.

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The canoe used by the suspects and the kayak belonging to Emma Kelty which was shown at a press conference

Caters News Agency

The four suspects arrested, from left to right, an unnamed 17-year-old, Jardel Pinheiro Gomes, Artur Gomes da Silva and Erinei Ferreira da Silva

But her bid for a…

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