Bumper season could lead to Christmas skiing at Mt Hutt


A trip up the mountains could be possible this Christmas, if the snow sticks around.

Skiing on a blazing hot Christmas Day, or even New Year’s Day, could become a reality at Mt Hutt this year.

Last year, the ski area’s manager, James McKenzie, said if they were voted New Zealand’s top ski resort in the World Ski Awards, they would open for a spot of summer skiing on Christmas Day. They did get that title, but couldn’t live up to their promise as there was not enough snow on the mountain.

It’s a different story this year though, with the mountain still covered in an average base of 2.6 metres to 3.6m of snow heading into October – and that much snow is not going anywhere in a hurry. 


Mt Hutt ski area has been picture perfect this season.

“We’re going to live by our promise, if we’ve still got snow.”

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It’s been a bumper snow season – sometimes with so much snow they didn’t know what to do with it. Graders and groomers pushed the excess into the car park area and over the side, McKenzie said. Too much snow was a much better problem to have than not enough though, he said.


Huts at Mt Hutt almost completely disappeared in heavy snow in August.

Mt Hutt was due to close for the season on October 8 but would stay open for another week, taking in all of the October school holidays, due to the amount of snow still covering the slopes. They’re going even further with the establishment of a Spring Camp for freestyle ski and snowboard training and improvement in the terrain park, which will run…

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