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‘Butter has gone up by 40%, but it’s a little luxury I don’t want to give up’

I shop at Lidl and Asda and consider myself a savvy shopper on a budget, as I’m on minimum wage. Butter has gone up by 40%, but is a little luxury I do not want to give up. Meat has increased so much that I rarely buy it and make do with very cheap chicken or pork shoulder – lamb and beef joints are out of the question, so I use minced beef and burgers from Lidl. I have entirely changed the way we eat – we have soup a lot for our main meal, for example – and make do with less, or change meals to use jars of ready-made pasta sauce for 52p and cheap spaghetti for 20p at the end of the month. On the plus side, nothing is wasted and we are very inventive, but I have the time and skills at this time of my life, but I worry about the younger people who are time and skill short. We spend a lot on existing, so there is nothing left for anything nice.
Yvonne Bidwell, care worker, Swindon

‘I don’t know where 3% comes from – it feels more like 20% to 30% here’

We generally make online Tesco orders with top-ups at Sainsbury’s and Aldi. We don’t eat meat but have noticed the cost of butter, milk and other dairy products is much higher than it was. Butter used to be around 80p to 90p and is now as much as £1.40 for own-brand. A lot of stuff we buy online seems to be 50p more than it was, for example smoked mackerel, a multipack of beans, alcohol etc. We are lucky to be relatively high earners, however we are also freelance and a combination of redundancies, maternity leave and downtime between contracts means we are noticing the difference – and can imagine how much worse it is for neighbouring families.

We used to aim to feed four of us (including two kids) for £100 a week including booze and treats, now there’s no way we can get it that low. I don’t know where 3% comes from – it feels more like 20% to 30% here.
Sarah, works in marketing, south London

‘The obvious knock-on effect is either cutting back where you can or increased debt ’

I shop in two main local supermarkets, Asda and Lidl, with occasional extra bits and bobs picked up from smaller retailers such as SuperValu. I have been watching the prices keenly for the last year and I would estimate that our weekly shop has increased by 30%. We could have managed a weekly shop at £60 or thereabouts – it is now easily coming in at £80 or above.

The obvious knock-on effect is either cutting…

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