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* Laura Washington

No state in the nation needs a revolution more than Illinois.

When you declare war on a political party, you can be sure its leaders will respond at a nuclear level.

The Kennedy campaign must organize a voter revolt.

Will voters even show up? As Kennedy noted, 500,000 people voted in Illinois’ last Democratic gubernatorial primary, out of 12.8 million statewide.

“The winner only needed 2 percent of the people in the state to win. That makes our government incredibly susceptible to a small number of people controlling the outcome of every election.”

Those people don’t plan to give that up.

Will beaten-down, cynical voters respond to reform in the age of Bruce Rauner and Donald J. Trump?

Or is the time for “Yes, We Can” long gone?

* Speaking of “Yes, We Can,” Dolores Huerta coined the phrase “sí se puede.” From the Kennedy campaign

Dolores Huerta is a civil rights and labor icon. In 1988, when César Shavez held a 36-day fast to highlight the harmful impact of pesticides on farmworkers, he was joined by Chris’s mother, Ethel Kennedy, and her children, including Chris. Chris fasted in solidarity with César for three days. We all stood behind César because we loved him and we believed in his fight for justice. Now, Dolores is fully behind Chris’s gubernatorial run.


* Kennedy did a fundraising e-mail about that Washington column…

It’s no secret that Illinois government is broken.

The reality is there are many people among us who think our state government is currently a model for dysfunction and that there’s nothing we can do to change it.

It does not have to be this way. We can all join together to change our government and fix our broken system

If we are complacent with the political system we have today, then we are complicit in losing our democratic values.

Just like my dad said, “we are all part of the great tradition, that great legacy of change, and improvement in America.”

* Moving on and speaking of fundraisers, this Erika Harold pitch was sent by “Erika’s iPad” the other day…

We’re quickly approaching the end of the month, which means we have to file another finance report showing the growth of our operation. So, whatever you contribute today will help us on the road and will show the strength of our team.

Would you consider chipping in to get us to our October deadline?


There is no end-of-October deadline for filing campaign finance reports…

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