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Under the guidance of a nearly nonagenarian pastor, Rehoboth Temple Church of God in Christ helps people change their lives by teaching the Bible, plainly, and being hands-on in areas where they see a spiritual lacking.

“My sole purpose is about kingdom building. It’s about God and his church. After the people come into the church, they have to be saved,” said Rehoboth founder Bishop George A. Williams. “After they get saved, they are taught how to deal with this world as a Christian and enjoy life.”

Williams, who turns 90 in December, established Rehoboth in November 1957 in a living room and has pastored ever since. At his age, he said he’s still able to serve because of God and with the help of his son, Pastor Marvin Williams.

“God is still using me,” he said. “I’m not on my own.”

Aside from divine influence, Bishop Williams spreads responsibilities among other ministers. He added that he doesn’t preach every Sunday, but teaches on Fridays for the church’s pastoral teaching, a more relaxed worship service, at which he sits and delivers his sermons and answers questions from the congregation.

“Bishop is a good man and he gives the unadulterated Word of God,” said Renee Mathis, a member for more than 25 years and the president of the Benevolent Clothing ministry. Mathis added that Williams not only preaches the Word, but “lives it in his home and everywhere.”

Khayree Jackson, 25, a member for 20 years, agreed, stating that “Bishop is transparent. He shows us every level of being a man, father, husband and preacher.”

On the Sunday of the Tribune’s visit, Bishop Williams based his sermon on Jesus’ parable of the 10 virgins, which focuses on preparing oneself for heaven.

Williams used the parable to teach the congregation how to move properly in the world. “In the kingdom of worldliness, you see anything,” he said. “We have to be careful how we treat people. You might get offended. But you can’t carry resentment.”

Williams’ delivery was relaxed, conversational. He jumped from verse to verse, even requesting that some Scriptures be read from someone in the pews.

“I found [Rehoboth] to be a place where I could grow and get the … Word of God, even when I didn’t like what it was saying,” said Sandra Williams, a member for 36 years. “Being here, after a while, you…

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