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Los Angeles city officials have cited Harbor View House for six building code violations, a far less alarming picture than one detailed in a privately commissioned inspection report of the home for the mentally ill.

A prospective buyer of the historic building at 921 S. Beacon St. paid for the previous inspection, which listed more than 100 problems.

Jeffrey Smith, executive director and CFO of HealthView Inc., which operates Harbor View House, has questioned the first inspection, saying it appeared to be biased as part of a strategy or outside agenda to influence ongoing escrow talks.

“Management has reviewed the inspection report from the City of Los Angeles and management is taking action to correct what appears to be a limited list of small violations,” Smith wrote in an email about the city’s most recent report when asked to comment. “The building was inspected by the Fire Department and received a clearance earlier this year and other inspections were also conducted late last year, with appropriate approvals provided.”

The city’s Department of Building and Safety inspected the five-story building on Nov. 4. Most of the violations were for work done without permits.

The violations cited included the following requirements:

  • Obtain fire sprinkler permits for unpermitted work throughout the building.
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on peeling and chipping paint, damage to walls from water damage in the lobby and basement.
  • Obtain electrical permits and approvals for previous work done without permits.
  • Perform repairs and maintenance to all electrical lines, switches, outlets, fixtures and fixture coverings; repairs must be made to all broken, loose, frayed, inoperative, defective or missing equipment.
  • Obtain required mechanical permits and approvals for unpermitted work done to heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems.
  • Obtain required plumbing permits and approvals for unpermitted work done on tankless water heater and boilers.

The city ordered Harbor View to comply with the fixes by Dec. 4. A $660 fine will be imposed if the work is not done in 15 days after that date. That goes up to $2,310 for noncompliance after 30 days

The five-story Spanish Revival building is in escrow with a developer, Richard Weintraub, president and founder of Weintraub Real Estate Group. He is one of several developers who have expressed interest in the building and current plans are looking to turn it into a boutique hotel.

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