Concrete Decor Show 2017 Promotes Building, Rebuilding and Remodeling with Concrete

Turning Leaf Construction, a custom home builder and insulated concrete form distributor based in Sanford, Florida, has been building with ICFs for nearly 10 years. The company strongly recommends Flo

Concrete….It’s a better way to build

Builders and remodelers interested in learning more about how homes and businesses can be fortified with concrete to withstand Florida’s extreme weather conditions and climate should plan to attend the Concrete Decor Show Expo Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 8-9, at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Attendees can learn about everything from insulated concrete forms, wall coverings and specialty mixes to countertops, flooring and polishing concrete from the more than 50 exhibitors displaying their goods and services.

Several outdoor demonstrations are scheduled throughout the show including applications of decorative treatments to ICFs and power trowel polishing that will showcase Lavina attachments, slurry management systems, coverings and guard applications.

“Concrete is a proven superior material that can stand up to most anything,” said Bent Mikkelsen, Concrete Decor Show promoter and the publisher of Concrete Decor magazine. “Besides being used structurally with excellent results, it also can project high aesthetic value. When used as an architectural finish, builders have less materials to inventory and haul to the job site.”

ICFs save on labor and time

Insulated concrete forms, such as the ones at the show that will be exhibited by Fox Blocks, an Omaha, Nebraska, company with 22 manufacturing plants nationwide. Often hailed as “big boy Legos,” ICFs are double-insulated reinforced concrete blocks that can be used below grade as well as above grade for everything from homes to commercial buildings. And just like Legos, they come in an assortment of shapes including straight, curved and corners to accommodate architectural design features.

“Our ICFs are a five-in-one system: concrete form, plastic rebar holders, insulation for wall, furring strip for attaching drywall, and an air and vapor barrier,” said Mike Kennaw, vice president of marketing and sales for Fox Blocks. Instead of having five trades coming in to do work,…

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