Connor Multimedia Worldwide Launches LumiNation Magazine™

Connor Multimedia Worldwide LLC, a new multimedia company based in New Jersey, today announced the official launch of its first title, LumiNation Magazine (, an online medium dedicated to providing multimedia content that celebrates all of Life as Church™.

The magazine was created to provide people with a more evolved and provocative media portal where they may enjoy non-divisive content that inspires, motivates, entertains and provokes thought. Its mission is to celebrate the beauty, truth and bounty of this grand journey we all call “life,” while also talking about important topics of our times in a way others aren’t always talking about them. The featured sections are Sensuality, Freedom, People, Adventure, Creativity, Beauty and Romance.

“The multimedia content already being curated and planned by our growing editorial team of contributors and writers in the United States and around the world is pure, meaning without agenda – political, religious, causal or guided by advertisers,” said Kelly A. Connor, founder and chief operating officer of Connor Multimedia and editor-in-chief at LumiNation Magazine. “That said, we welcome advertisers whose product or services aligns with our mission, taking a win-win approach to every aspect of what we do at this new magazine.”

One of the imperatives of this medium is to communicate information and opinions in a thoughtful, truthful, respectful way that provokes understanding, delivers productive dialogue, educates and entertains, verses fostering fear or division. Core values of this new brand are honesty, accessibility, compassion, vitality and respect. The targeted demographic is everyone aged 17 to infinity.

“In the age of fake news and misleading – sometimes downright lying – headlines, LumiNation is committed to being at the forefront of a new trend in media – what I call evolved media,” added Connor. “It is our intention to be forthright and provocative in such a way as to earn people’s trust and respect.”

The tagline of the magazine was literally a result of “Divine inspiration.” While Connor worked with a small, trusted group of advisors to conceptualize the portal’s name and brand, she grappled with a tagline that felt right. One morning, during prayer, as she was waking, one of the…

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