Dark chocolate and its different health benefits

Everyone likes chocolate. And most of the elders tell kids not to eat too many chocolates. Is there any logic behind that? Two types of chocolates are available in markets. One is white chocolate and another is dark chocolate.

Chocolates are divided according to the amount of cocoa solid and milk solid present in it. While white chocolate has more amount of milk solid, dark chocolate will have more cocoa fat. It’s the fewer amounts of milk solids that give slight bitter taste to the dark chocolate. According to experts, those who eat small quantity of dark chocolates daily will remain healthier. People recommend dark chocolate because the cocoa in the chocolate contains lots of antioxidants. The proactive antioxidant contain in dark chocolate is polyphenols.

Some of the benefits of dark chocolates are, it can lower blood pressure, reduce clots in blood vessels, nurtures skin. Chocolate can stimulate the production of endorphin, the protein molecules that can suppress stress and frustration. It can activate serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant. It also contains stimulants like theobromine and caffeine. But when compared to vegetables, the calorie content of dark chocolate is very high.

Positive impacts of dark chocolate:-

Weight reduction- Though many people won’t agree with this, the fact is that dark chocolate has the ability to reduce weight. The fiber content in the cocoa helps to prevent accumulation of fat in the body.
The antioxidant name epicatechins present in dark chocolate is known for its fat burning ability. Theobromine can also prevent accumulation of excess fat. The cocoa has the ability to increase insulin in the body. This will regulate the blood sugar level in the body. Though we cannot rely on dark chocolate for a visible weight reduction, we can maintain our body while eating it.

Depression – The cocoa present in the dark chocolate can stimulate serotonin and relaxes the cardiovascular blood vessels. Serotonin acts as an anti depressor. It can improve the mental activity and change people’s mood. It’s rare to find people getting angry while they are eating chocolates. But there are situations where people in sad mood or worried mind get relaxed by eating dark chocolates.

Regularize Blood pressure level- It is the flavanoids in the dark chocolate that regulates the blood pressure level. The flavanoids has the ability to make platelets less sticky. This prevents clotting in the blood vessels. It is the clots that blocks the blood vessels and make the passage of blood through it difficult. Flavanoids can relax the artery muscles and make it dilated. This help in the smooth flow of blood through arteries. By stimulating the production of endothelial nitric oxide, flavanoids improves vasodilation.

Diabetes – Dark chocolate also has the ability to control diabetes. As dark chocolate has good amount of flavanoids, it helps in regulating the blood flow. For diabetes patients proper blood circulation is necessary,…

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