Defining Prosperity In A Different Perspective


Prosperity can be perceived in many different ways. As a coach for prosperity I am excited to give you my prosperity meaning and my own insights about it. It took me long years to finally discover and understand what the true prosperity meaning is. It is indeed true that with maturity, people began to perceive things in a totally different perspective, because as we change as individuals, the way in which we define something also changes.

Years back my prosperity meaning falls on making money, having a high salary, having a beautiful house, having an expensive car, being able to buy the things I want, and being able to travel around the world. Basically my prosperity meaning was all about getting rich and all about material things. Looking back, I have a totally different perception about life. But when I finally reached to the point of becoming prosperous (in my old point of view) I realized that I suddenly lost myself for a while. I lost contact with some of my friends, and worse I failed to give my family enough time that they need. I almost lost some of the most important people in my life because of my very high ambitions, and my desire of being rich. There is nothing wrong with dreaming high and working hard to achieve those dreams. But there should always have balance in everything we. Equilibrium is very important in this world as it keeps everything in balance, when there is no equilibrium many things will fall apart and will be damaged.

Before I go further let me point out that my own prosperity meaning is not about some dictionary definition, but an evolving understanding of prosperity based on my own personal experiences and other people’s experiences.  But for the benefit of my readers let me give you the meaning of prosperity according to the the sate of being prosperous; advance or gain in anything good or desirable; successful progress in any business or enterprise; attainment of the object desired; good fortune; success; as, commercial prosperity; national prosperity.

My prosperity meaning is not about material things, but rather about merit. For me the true prosperity meaning is to being able to enjoy personal power. To be rich is to become healthy and complete, to have your own brilliance, and to have your own existence, to have your own happiness, to be fully independent, and to fully pursue the happiness you are looking for.

My prosperity meaning is more holistic compared to my view years back then. Let me ask you something I also asked myself before. Do you still feel prosperous when you no longer have time for yourself and for your loved ones? Do you still feel prosperous when you are stressed out, overwhelmed and tired? Do the money you have in the bank and the valuables you have make you truly happy? If your answer is yes then there’s nothing wrong about it. Go on with it if it still makes you happy. But if your answer is no then you are close to realizing the true meaning of prosperity.

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