DiSTI Corporation Releases GL Studio® 6.1

The DiSTI Corporation, the industry leader in graphical user interface software and the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, announces the release of GL Studio 6.1, the industry’s foremost user interface development toolkit for performance, flexibility, and reliability. This latest release enables greater UI customization and flexibility through additional deployment options alongside more out-of-the-box tools and behaviors.

“Our team continues to respond to customer demands for greater workflow process efficiency and simplification of development cycles to keep pace with the challenges of digitalization during the design and manufacturing process. Using GL Studio 6.1 addresses these challenges and enables our customers to reduce time to market and engineering expenses without compromising the performance and reliability they’ve come to expect from GL Studio,” said DiSTI President Joe Swinski.

Key features of GL Studio 6.1 include over 100 new tools, objects, and behaviors to enhance the ability to manage and customize your workflow. Easily add new functionality to your project with online access to package downloads and updates. Use the Package Manager to download new objects and tools including customizable UI controls, drag-and-drop importers, new visual effects, shaders, and animations. Optionally, create your own packages to add objects, toolbars, importers, deployments, and scripts to tailor your workflow.

With new support for DirectX rendering and one-click deployment options for desktop, safety-critical, and embedded systems, you can deploy GL Studio content to any platform and integrate with other tools including Unity, Unreal, and X-Plane.

Built-in optimization tools and high resolution text support for embedded targets give you the ability to increase system performance and create best-in-class UI experiences for cockpit or automotive displays. New visualizations in the State Machine Editor simplify development and debugging by highlighting the currently active states executing in real-time.

GL Studio is found in Jaguar Land Rover automobiles, F-16 fighter jets, Virgin Galactic and NASA Orion spacecraft, and life-saving medical devices. Companies chose GL Studio for its performance, flexibility, and reliability.

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