Draganfly Announces Expanded Solutions-Based Product Line with Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Ground-Based Robot, and Universal Control System

The DraganScout ground-based robot morphs and adapts to different application or mission needs.

Envision a public safety operation that requires the ability to generate valuable information safely from the ground with our robot, aerial footage from our hovering quad, and wide, sweeping surveying intelligence from our fixed-wing.

Commercial UAV specialists, Draganfly Innovations Inc.- today announced the development of the new additions to their product line. Like Draganfly’s existing offerings, these new products are purpose built to save time and money for operators while improving the quality of mission critical data used within the many industries the company serves.

The new handheld Universal Control System (UCS) enables the user to operate the Tango2 fixed-wing, the DraganScout ground-based robot, or any of the Draganflyer multi-rotor platforms, including the Draganflyer Commander quadcopter.

The Tango2 increases commercial use cases by offering long duration flight times and the innovative design allows for lower airspeeds, which translates to lower altitudes and higher resolution. This high endurance, multi-battery small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) is capable of carrying a wide array of payloads and is ideal for tactical operations, search and rescue, agriculture, industrial inspection, surveying and mapping, and aerial 3D modeling.

The DraganScout is a unique ground-based robot capable of morphing into different configurations to traverse a wide range of obstacles, including climbing stairs, to perform mission critical jobs. Draganfly’s patented folding wheel design makes this one of the most versatile robots on the market, allowing it to quickly move into position and then transforms the wheel shape to climb stairs or stand vertically. The DraganScout is ideal for public safety use, including bomb detection and tactical situations, as well as a variety of industrial inspections.

Universal Control System (UCS)

  •     Adaptive software suite controls multiple vehicle types (multi-rotor, fixed-wing, ground robot)
  •     Draganfly-developed mission planning software and mapping system with sophisticated data logging
  •     Secure digital video down-link and recording
  •     The UCS is integrated with aerial acquisition and 3D Pix4D mapping software
  •     Ergonomically designed and balanced to accept multiple style tablets, including the Panasonic Toughpad™
  •     For the first time, Draganfly will offer white label and OEM opportunities on this new universal control system

Tango2 Fixed-Wing

  •     The aircraft flies 2 to 3 hours with standard battery packs, 4 to 6 hours with additional batteries, and 14+ hours with solar panel add-ons, and supports a…

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