Dropping In- King of the Road: The Master Lensmen / Noah Quale

Leigh is writing this series of interviews that focus on the gentlemen behind the lenses for Thrasher Magazine’s King of the Road Season 2 on Viceland.

Videographers create the moving images of skateboarding. Videos they create become a defining part of skateboarding’s culture, as well as a major contribution to its collective consciousness and history. The filmers chronicle the beauty and agony, the triumph, technical skills, visual poetry, excitement, camaraderie, and joy in skating. They create a time capsule of what the culture is, the style, the locations–the zeitgeist of their place in time within the artform that is skateboarding.

I recently got to talk with master lensman, Noah Quale, who drove, managed and filmed for Team Creature in Thrasher’s King of the Road Season 2. Mr. Quale has filmed, edited and produced video content for all NHS brands (Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and many others) and he is the Team Manager for Creature Skateboards. He also is an entrepreneur: he is the owner and operator of DAFMade, a lifestyle product company which produces clothing, accessories and primarily drink coozies. Coozie business is a booming industry: at the time of this interview, they are completely sold out of stock. Quale revealed things about his creative process, getting started in the industry, filming for Thrasher’s King of the Road, and one stolen skate video.

LR: Hi thanks for your time. First of all, please convey my good wishes & healing thoughts to Jake Phelps. Were you there at the Dolores Park Hill Bomb (July 11, 2017)? Phelps is crazy, but I mean that in the best way.

NQ: No, no I missed that. I was in Santa Cruz. I heard it was gnarly, though. It’s the Phelper. I heard he’s healing up fine.

How about you, when did you start skating? I was 13 and in junior high. I think that’s a fairly typical age people start skating, that junior high, middle school age. I played music and my friends and I had a band. I just always stuck with music–and skating, of course.

When did you start to have an interest in film or knew you could pursue this, that it was a reality for you?

I saved up a bunch of money I got when I was younger and bought a VHS camera, the ones that were huge, you know the ones–you had to hold it on your shoulder! I filmed skits friends did, and of course friends skating, I’d always bring it to a session. I seemed to be one of the dudes or that one dude in the crew that got hurt or ate shit…

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