e-Spirit CMS Receives New Certified Integration Designed to Drive Customer Success With Salesforce Commerce Cloud

e-Spirit Inc., maker of the FirstSpirit Content Experience Hub, today announced that it has received certification for Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Content Integration API. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social and in-store. And now, as part of the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce – brands can deliver completely unified experiences for customers that extend beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service and more.

The FirstSpirit content experience hub has a proven history of enabling customers to create content-driven customer experiences for their online stores and other digital channels. The new integration is tailor made for decoupled content management systems such as FirstSpirit and will give customers the flexibility to manage content and experiences without the need for developer assistance.

The Salesforce Partner Program is the industry’s largest “born in the cloud” partner program, empowering consultants, ISVs, VARs, agencies and other partners to drive customer success using the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Through a combination of business, technology and marketing benefits, and the world’s largest business app marketplace – the AppExchange – the Salesforce Partner Program helps partners of all sizes and industries build successful businesses that leverage the Salesforce platform.

“As a central digital content experience hub, we believe that the commerce channel is mission critical and that marketing content plays an integrated and strategic role in helping retail organizations meet customer experience demands head on,” said Udo Straesser, CRO for e-Spirit and responsible for the global partner management. “With FirstSpirit, retailers who rely on Salesforce Commerce Cloud get a ground-breaking extension that allows them to easily adapt their content marketing strategies to meet changing consumer behavior, and cultivate increased customer loyalty and sales. We are delighted to be a certified Salesforce partner.”

An architectural and business model perfect fit

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Content Integration API is a good fit for decoupled content management systems such as FirstSpirit which by nature offers retailers greater flexibility and can meet evolving channel and customer experience demands with agility. FirstSpirit serves as the central content hub that connects the commerce engine, content, processes, tools and channels from which real-time, personalized digital experiences are born. Improved communication between the two systems will give users complete freedom and control to create and manage omnichannel content without the layout limitations previously experienced, and without…

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