Ebook Design – How to Create a Good One

There are some ebook designs which are really worst looking and I sometimes wonder if the authors make any sale out of it. Even it comes free of cost; it may fail to appease the buyers. It may not be so easy to create good ebook design but with certain tips, you will surely fare well in the market.

You may argue that you lack in creativity and so less likely want to dabble in ebook design. But believe me, in spite of poor design skill, it is possible for you to come up with something of your very own. And it will not be so bad that you have expected. What you really need is to follow some useful step-by-step guidelines.

Knowing the taste of your audience is the first and foremost condition of a successful ebook design. The design must be appealing to your customers otherwise they will not waste their money to make a buy. Before starting with design creation, take time to do a little bit of research on your competitors’ ebooks, especially those who have curved a niche in this business. It will help you understand which types of designs are a current trend and favorite with the ebook readers.

Do you find their ebook designs quite interesting and inspiring? If it is ‘yes’ then pay attention to every detail such as images, colors, headlines etc. which when harmoniously blended result into a good design. Make sure not to copy the style as these designs may be copyrighted. Try to create something on your own. Everyone is endowed with creativity only in varying degrees and make the most of it.

There is a large pool of ebook readers and in coming days, the number will only shoot up. The readers belong to different brackets on the basis of their taste and age group. Crime thrillers and romantic novels are favorites of the teenagers while books on serious issues go well with the taste of the aged booklovers. Sell for books and manuals for weight loss, diet and healthy living is on the rise. The most popular niche is off course the make-money fast niche. There are…

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