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Amazon Echo Show review

  • PROS – Decent sound • Screen offers a more interactive experience • Amazon’s Alexa assistant continues to improve
  • CONS – Could do with more visible content • Ugly design • Expensive compared to the £89 Echo

The smart speaker revolution appears to show no signs of stopping.

All the major tech brands, including Apple and Sony, are launching intelligent music makers but there’s a new device which adds an extra dimension to this growing market.

all-new Echo Show not only listens to your every instruction but can also display oodles of information on its bright 7-inch touch display.

The latest movie trailers, news reports and Amazon Prime videos can all be watched via this neat little screen with Amazon’s clever Alexa personal assistant finding content via simple voice commands.

The Echo Show has been available in the US for a while but it’s now arrived in the UK.

But is this new device really worth its £199 price tag? Here’s’s full review.


Amazon’s Echo Show is not the most attractive of devices


Unlike the newly designed and massively , the Echo Show isn’t going to win any design awards.

With a chunky and excessively angular plastic case, the Show is certainly NOT the best looking gadget we’ve ever popped on our kitchen worktop.

Giving the Show an adequately sized screen and decent speaker has meant design aesthetics have been compromised and that might be enough to put some people off.

It’s also worth noting that this is not a portable device, and needs constant power, so it will need to be positioned on a shelf or worktop that has a socket nearby.

It’s a shame it doesn’t look better, or have an internal battery, but if you’re not too worried about its styling the Show offers a good experience.

The 7-inch touch display is bright and vibrant, with it just about big enough to view content and interact with your daily tasks.

The physical controls on the top of the Show are neatly laid out and the swipe commands on the screen work well.

Design may not be its strongest point but usability certainly is and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you actually begin enjoying its screen.

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