Eddie – a Short Shady Retro Science Fiction Film by John Lynch

My name is John Lynch, and I live and work mostly in London. By day I’m a professional filmmaker for various brands and charities, but by night I’m trying to get a retro science fiction film universe off the ground. Same as most people, I guess?

The first big step towards that goal was taking time out from work to go out into the Scottish wilderness to shoot Eddie. It’s a short introduction to the world of a shady, ubiquitous mega-corporation called Overhead created by my good friend Jon Williams-Nobbs. At this point you really should watch the film… because later I’m going to quiz you on how you think it was made.

Name and age: John Lynch, 33 years old.

Currently based in: London, UK.

Language (s) spoken: English, very very basic Spanish, hmmm… does the language of cinema count?

Occupation: Professional Corporate & Commercial Filmmaker.

How did you get started in our industry? I’ve always been a film nut, even from a young age. When I was 16 I started making video sketches for a theatre and comedy sketch group I was part of. From there I went on to study film at University. I moved to London after Uni and I lost my way slightly. Struggling to get a job, I somehow ended up as a video technician for a corporate events company. I did that for a few years, then went freelance and slowly but surely moved away from the live events back to filmmaking just as the DSLR revolution and the birth of the ‘social media video’ happened. Since then, I’ve been directed and produced for all kinds of clients and agencies. I’ve directed cinema ads, worked as a specialist camera supervisor at the Olympics and even helped out on a few Bollywood shoots in my 11 year career thus far. It’s been weird, but fun.

Current assignments: Other than Eddie – which is a personal project – I’ve just finished an interesting piece for Halfords (a large UK retailer), where we shot a cinematic piece that was designed to be interacted with live on-stage by the company’s CEO at their yearly conference. It was a bit of a headache to put together such a complex, one-off type of film, but I think maybe I’m magnetically drawn to those types of projects – anything innovative or unique in someway.

What types of productions do you mostly shoot? Whilst I have produced some bigger projects such as cinema ads, for the most part I’m a self-shooter. I work with a client or agency to make videos that generally end up on their social media. I’ll go out…

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