Enfamil Formula Need to Know by Mare Nikolic

Not long ago, giving babies milk formula from day one, instead of breastfeeding was common. We now know how beneficial effect on health of the child has a mother’s milk and dairy formula should be given only when breastfeeding is not available as an option. If you must use a formula, there are several different types, so you can choose.

For babies up to six months it is best to choose high adapted food, and for older or less adapted. High adapted means that the part about the quality of breast milk. The basis of most artificial food makes cows’ milk despite similar nutritional values substantially different from the mother. The artificial milk has higher content of protein, calcium, potassium, sodium and other minerals, while level of carbohydrates, fats and vitamins is lower. Cow’s milk is in the process of enriching essential vitamins and trace elements, and there are formulas with soy protein that do not contain proteins of animal origin.

In some countries, especially in the United States, many mothers use a formula based on soy, because it does not contain proteins of animal origin, which are associated with colic baby and insulin – dependent diabetes. Soy milk is most often used in infants older than six months with cow’s milk protein intolerance, and since it does not contain lactose is given and the intolerance milk sugar and galactosemia.

If your doctor recommends, feeding baby with artificial milk, you should think about the choices, which is really best for your baby. Continue with the same milk if a child is fed in maternity hospital in a bottle, and had no problems (allergies, etc.).

Most represented in the market is milk powder, concentrated powder that is soluble in water (plain or sterile) which was heated at 50-60 ° C. This is far cheaper but it takes more time to prepare, however, there is a milk formula from cans that are just pour into a sterile vial and is ready to eat, however, is far more expensive. We also have milk bottles for single use of 125 and 250 ml, which is especially convenient for travel.

In some cases where a child has some health problems, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of adapted milk because there are a variety of special formulas. In the case of allergies, it is a canned milk or soy milk formula does not contain lactose, for better filing. Regardless of the problem that has your child, be sure to first consult with a physician about the choice of artificial milk, but also talk to…

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