Ethan Hawke partners with YMCA’s For a Better Us campaign Video

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Transcript for Ethan Hawke partners with YMCA’s For a Better Us campaign

Hello and welcome to ABC news I am Mike Roth and I’m joined by when the finest actors of our generation. And Hough. It was necessary and competent when a night you will automatically I have to admit that was one of Michael business acumen mom from a sixteenth birthday gave Meehan. Lawrence Levy is book anything and everything all right that’s Mike gore wanted to ignite it knows it we have team prettiest penis. Here’s our idols and go ahead and I don’t think so. You’re gonna talk about a really amazing campaign from YMCA for a better us. Ten about uniting the country which. Feels especially timely right now can you tell us more about that lets you much why I’m here you know. You know oftentimes are going shows you’re supposed to year and cut American movies and things like that you’re trying to sell tickets and it’s nice. To take a moment in view there’s so much conversation out there about the division in this country and its. Hasn’t really been my experience and I know that there is politically it’s but when you’re actually at dinner tables on instinct things about being an actor. News I make movies in Louisiana in New Mexico and California. I mean him all over the country. You know here here in New York obviously North Carolina moments in film sets. And everywhere you go when you sit down with people. Things don’t seem as complicated and difficult an impossible is sometimes too in the inner. In them one of the things that I love about the YMCA. For me. It’s I grew up with it you know was where I spent a large part of my childhood. And it’s where Thomas on the play basketball and that’s where my kids have learned to go swimming. This the few places. That is the real community center we’re actually everyone is invited. And I think a lot of people forget that is an Ngo. And that is enough profit organization as it tremendous amount of programs that do community outreach. And that it’s a place needs your support and I just kind of want to remind people that it is there for them. And and so when their Ford to use it and to know that if they want to be there for it that’s about it able to. Let’s see Brooke also the Internet. And this campaign…

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