Every Luci® Purchased Delivers Clean Light to Those Without Electricity

With the global distribution of a well-functioning, beautifully designed, clean lighting product, we believe Luci can be the elegant solution to a complex problem.

In 2012, MPOWERD created an inflatable solar light called Luci®, with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation — from outdoor camping adventures, to backyard parties, to everyday use for people living without reliable access to electricity.

To date, MPOWERD has shipped millions of Luci lights to over 90 countries around the globe. With the help of 450+ NGO partners, over 1.6 million lives have been impacted in underserved communities. This has led to the removal of more than 250,000 kilotons of CO2 from the atmosphere, all because of Luci.

Since August 2017, over 40,000 Luci lights have been allocated for disaster relief throughout Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Mexico and California. In light of the recent widespread disasters, MPOWERD has temporarily reduced the cost of Give Luci, a program where consumers can purchase lights that go directly to NGO partners, to $7.50 (typically $14.95) to make it even easier for everyone to participate in recovery efforts.

“Our business model is innovative, yet simple. More sales in the developed world allows us to lower prices for emerging markets,” says John Salzinger, co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer. “People in these underserved communities can then afford to buy our lights and resell them – creating independence and jobs – without disrupting existing markets or creating reliance.”

You can join the movement this holiday season by participating in Give Luci or gifting one of MPOWERD’s other solar powered products:

For the kid who wants to know how it all works: Build-Your-Own-Luci STEM kit. BYOL opens the door for bright young minds to learn about the power and potential of clean energy – educating the next generation about the growing importance of clean energy alternatives. This STEM kit teaches kids how to apply scientific concepts to real life, all while building their own customizable solar light. For ages 7+! $34.95

For the zen master: Luci Candle. Turn your space into a soothing retreat with Luci Candle. With…

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