F.B.I. Is Said to Track Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jerseys to Journalist in Mexico

The Oakland Raiders will play the Patriots in Mexico City next season, and the Raiders and the Houston Texans played there in November, at Estadio Azteca, in what was the second regular-season N.F.L. game there. Ortega covered that game.


Mauricio Ortega turned over not only Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey, but another of his jerseys, from Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Ariz.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

In recent years, some people who have received credentials have appeared at the Super Bowl simply to hang out or add to the spectacle, particularly on the Monday before the game, when the news media is allowed to interview players from both teams in what increasingly is a slickly produced television show. Some people with credentials dress in outrageous outfits and ask players embarrassing questions.

There was no sign on the website of La Prensa that Ortega wrote about the most recent Super Bowl or others, though he did write an article about the regular-season game in November.

Fox Sports, whose reporter Jay Glazer broke the news of the found Super Bowl LI jersey, broadcast a video that it said showed Ortega walking into the locker room and exiting with what looked like something under his shirt.

The parent company of La Prensa, OEM, one of the largest media companies in Mexico, said in a statement that Ortega resigned March 14, in a move company officials believed was related to health problems he had said close family members were having.

The statement said that “with total surprise and disappointment,” the company learned of the investigation and…

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