Family rage at neighbour who left abusive note on ambulance as paramedics fought to save dying patient

THE family of the patient who paramedics battled in vain to save have said the cruel note left behind on the ambulance has made his death “fifty times worse”.

West Midlands Ambulance staff were left staggered by the slip of paper pushed under their windscreen wiper as they treated a patient who was suffering major internal bleeding inside the vehicle.

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The heartless note was left while paramedics fought to save the life of a patient

Emergency crews blasted the individual who left them a note telling them to move their ambulance as they tried to treat the 42-year-old patient, who had been staying at Livingstone House at the time.

Livingstone House’s John Hagans told the Sun Online that the patient’s family had been left reeling by the tragedy on Friday.

He said: “They are absolutely horrified. They said it’s hard enough as it is, with the loss.

“This has just made it 50 times worse.”

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The ambulance was parked for less than half an hour in the Small Heath area of Birmingham

@WMASTStarky : Twitter

Stunned crew members shared pictures of the note on Twitter


Paramedic Tasha Starkey tweeted her disgust at the note

Livingstone House works to support people with drug and alcohol addiction, with the man who had been treated having been clean for three months clean at the time of his death.

John, who works as a clinical nurse specialising in addictive behaviour said: “He was making active changes to change his life.

“He was somebody who had made poor choices but was now making the right ones.”

He said he had personally been left “absolutely disgusted” that an individual had complained about the ambulance’s parking as paramedics desperately tried to help the man.

He said: “An ambulance is a sacred space.

“What goes on inside there, it shouldn’t be interfered with.

“One of these days, heaven forbid that the man who left the note or his family might need an ambulance.

“He would shut down all of Small Heath to get an ambulance through.”

It’s the mentality of some people – no public spirit, no empathy and no feeling. It’s all about them

John HagansLivingstone House

The note, written in capitals, had been tucked onto the ambulance’s front windowscreen, reading: “You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.”

Ambulance crews were at the scene in Small Heath, Birmingham for no more than 30 minutes.

John added that on the…

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