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 Friday, August 4, 2017, 08:00

Although business machines and workplace management products manufacturer Fellowes has only been present on the Hungarian market for six years, the brand is actually 100 years old this year. 

László Kreutz, managing director.

Hungarians have long known the brand from American movies, even if we have not consciously so; when somebody is fired or quits their job and packs their office stuff into a box, the chances are strong that what you will see is the iconic Bankers Box of Fellowes.

The firm was launched during World War 1, when Harry L. Fellowes purchased the business from an acquaintance who was conscripted for USD 50. The business is now under the control of the fourth generation of the Fellows family and is currently present in 15 countries through subsidiaries. We spoke to managing director László Kreutz about the Hungarian operation.

The company’s presence in Hungary is relatively recent, but it appears that introducing an almost century old firm to the market turned out to be valid. How so?

I could say that it is better later than never; a huge American brand has arrived in the country. Probably in Hungary, especially because it is a B2B brand, it is not yet a very well-known name, such as Whirlpool, or Kodak, although Fellows is on the same level. I believe that the difference between old and big brands and old and big brands that still exist can be encapsulated in one single word: Innovation. Those who were not able to keep up with the passage of time, or even more so, to process the demands, fall into the category of history, while those who are among the leaders today can thank their position to eternal renewing. This is what Fellowes is like, and this is also the answer to the question: how did the introduction of the firm to the Hungarian market turn out to be valid?

Give us a showcase of the innovations that have appeared in the past 100 years via Fellowes.

As was mentioned in the introduction, the iconic Bankers Box helped to lay the foundation for storing documents. This product, which is known by patriotic Americans as the Liberty Box, is still the symbol for storing documents overseas. Naturally, this product has gone through several improvements with the passage of time and a complex system of archiving and storing documents has been built around the concept. Another huge division of ours launched in the 1980s and ’90s is data security, for which a determining product of ours is…

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