Filestack Improves Files Upload Performance by 100x for Mobile Applications Worldwide

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion

“We have thousands of users uploading files on our platform every day” Says Dorian Collier, Director of Product at JibJab “Upload failures can decrease conversion by creating a poor user experience. We’re thrilled to see Filestack tackling this challenge”

Today Filestack, the file uploading API powering more than 100,000 applications worldwide announced the release of new technology to eliminate one of the biggest negative user experiences in image and video heavy mobile applications: file upload failures. Because of limited mobile bandwidth and rapidly changing connection points as users move around, upload failures are commonplace, especially for high resolution images and video files. These failed uploads are one of the most common sources of mobile application errors and a common source of frustration for users. These problems are eliminated with Filestack Intelligent Ingestion. This innovative technology designed especially for file uploads on mobile devices solves the file upload failure problem by smartly adjusting for network conditions. Because Filestack Intelligent Ingestion continually monitors network conditions, files are continually resized and retried until the file upload is complete. Filestack Intelligent Ingestion virtually guarantees upload success in tough network conditions where other systems fails. This new technology is built on top of the Filestack Content Ingestion Network – a global network of file ingestion points of presence (POPs), to ensure upload speed and reliability. Filestack Intelligent Ingestion can be easily integrated into any application with libraries and SDKs for web and native applications.

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion Ensures File Upload Success Even With Very Bad Network Conditions

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion comes at a time when mobile uploading is a constant headache for developers. According to CISCO’s Visual Networking Index, mobile data traffic has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years, and still 33% of mobile users are using 3G connections. As users turn to mobile devices, they have more trouble uploading files because of unreliable networks, throttles, and over crowded routes. Without using a designated…

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