Finn Wolfhard: The science fiction world’s new ‘It’ boy

At the age of 14, Canadian Finn Wolfhard finds himself in a peculiar but not unwelcome place: He is the science fiction world’s “It” boy.

In September, he stars in Stephen King’s horror fantasy It. In October, it is the premiere of season 2 of Netflix’s breakout hit Stranger Things, the homage to ’80s science fiction that scored a stunning 18 Emmy Award nominations.

It’s been a dizzying ride for the young Vancouver actor. This week, along with 14-year-old co-star Gaten Matarazzo he is in Toronto at Fan Expo Canada, the largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming event in the country, which runs from Thursday to Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, strangers will line up to have their photographs taken with Wolfhard for $60 a pop. A Stranger Things panel is slated for Saturday.

Filming has now wrapped on the upcoming Stranger Things season. On the show he plays Mike Wheeler who, along with his buddies, tackles a supernatural power in a small Indiana town as the production continues its unvarnished homage to the works of Stephen King, John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg.

If you had a dollar every time one of your friends asked you to tell them what happens in season 2 of Stranger Things, would you be a billionaire by now?

I think I’d actually have zero dollars. They haven’t asked me at all. My friends haven’t treated me any differently since the show.

I imagine your life has definitely changed though. How do you deal with the fame part?

It’s definitely crazy. I don’t think my personality has changed a lot though. It’s weird and cool how people can go to great lengths to see you. It’s like somebody giving a concert and them driving two hours just to meet you. I definitely didn’t think the show would take off the way it did. I thought it would maybe gain, at best, a cult following over the years. But it took off immediately which really surprised everybody.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the show, say at the beginning of season 2 your character, Mike, may be suffering a bit from post-traumatic stress. What can you tell us?

I love how my character is going in season 2. I think we’re at the stage where he’s not trying to be the hero anymore. He’s trying to blend in, and I think at least at the beginning in a way we’re more invisible than the last season.

I understand that you auditioned for Stranger Things while sick in bed. And that your first acting job was though Craiglist. You’re giving…

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