Florida Company Launches the Revolutionary Kaddy Kap

Kaddy Kap is EPIC!

Kaddy Kap is a revolutionary bottle cap that fits any beer, soda, or water bottle, making it spill and leak proof. The patented technology is made from a reliable material that is free from BPA and is dishwasher safe, which makes it durable. The universal cap is made using a dual thread technology and fits bottles made of glass, plastic, and aluminum. With its trendy design and adaptability, Kaddy Kap will change the beverage experience and create new standards. With Kaddy Kap, people can keep their drinks colder for longer and enjoy it on the go.

According to Geoff – Co-Founder of Kaddy Kap, “Kaddy Kap was the result of frustrating beer spills that triggered a chain of events leading to a useful invention. There is nothing like Kaddy Kap on the

market and this is truly the first ever universal and reusable spill and leak-proof cap that can fit almost any bottle.”

Co-Founder Kenten Monbarren from Kaddy Kap reported “With Kaddy Kap, we will change the beverage experience altogether. Kaddy Kap is an amazing invention that not only protects your drink from spills but also keeps it safe for outdoor use. It is kid-friendly and you can use it with ease. The best part about Kaddy Kap is its reusability, which makes it a worthwhile investment.”

Kaddy Kap – Press Release

Kaddy Kap conveniently keeps the beverage safe from sand, bugs, and other impurities. It is designed to offer greater utility during our routine schedule and can be used while driving, exercising, or relaxing by the pool. Kaddy Kap also adds a unique identifier to the bottle, so the owner would not mistake it for someone else’s bottle anymore.

The designers have put in a lot of effort in making the cap universal to offer the customers great value for the money. “People can use Kaddy Kap on all sorts of bottles in all sorts of situations. Whether you are going on a picnic or to a nightclub, Kaddy Kap will be your companion to save your drink from spills. The cap comes with a carabiner and keychain loop that makes it easier to carry Kaddy Kap

around.” – Marty Monbarren, Co-Founder.

For its initial launch, Kaddy Kap will come in six different colors and more colors will be added in the future, which includes glow in the dark and camo variants. The owners…

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