FulcrumTech Introduces IntelliSents™ —An Innovative Online Email Analytics Platform for Real-time Data Visualization

IntelliSents is a tool created by email-marketing professionals for email-marketing professionals, that will save users an insane amount of time and resources.

The email-marketing agency FulcrumTech, LLC, developed and recently launched IntelliSents—a web-based email analytics platform that presents data in easy-to-read dashboards for real-time tracking and monitoring of email campaign performance.

According to FulcrumTech’s President and CEO Mitch Lapides, IntelliSents was born out of the needs of FulcrumTech’s professional email marketing team for their own clients. “We were spending tons of hours preparing campaign performance reports, tracking and monitoring those campaigns for deliverability issues, and digging into multiple data sources to find the next best email optimization opportunity,” he explains. “We learned quickly that we needed an email analytics tool that transcended anything any email service provider or other company was offering.”

To answer those needs, FulcrumTech designed the IntelliSents platform to track and clearly visualize the performance trends of more than 25 of the most critical email-marketing data points. For example, IntelliSents users can review trends over time of the number of emails and campaigns sent, as well as open, click-through, bounce and unsubscribe rates. Users can also drill down to see underlying data by campaign or segments and use customized filters for even more detailed performance analyses.

In addition, IntelliSents’ email deliverability dashboards display essential inbox deliverability metrics that can help promptly detect any issues encountered in getting through the Internet service providers (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL). There is also a Conversions Dashboard that allows users to tie email analytics to their specific conversions goals, incorporating data from other sources such as backend customer relationship management systems and Google Analytics. Plus, IntelliSents integrates with leading email service providers, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Listrak, MailChimp, and IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop).

“IntelliSents is a tool created by email-marketing professionals for email-marketing professionals,” Lapides observes, “that will save users an insane amount of time and resources.” With just a few clicks, users can generate easy-to-understand reports derived from data that is updated on a daily basis.

FulcrumTech has used IntelliSents for years for its own clients and is now making it available for use on a monthly subscription basis. For more information about the IntelliSents email analytics tool, please visit: https://fulcrumtech.net/products/intellisents/. An IntelliSents video is also available at: https://youtu.be/wZM7tDNwecY.


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