Fund-raiser this weekend for Africa trip

IN JANUARY 2018, Kylee McDonald and her 13 year old daughter Haylee will travel to Kenya, as volunteers with Dreamweaver International, a Christian charity started by American missionaries Sandra and Ken Taylor.

To help fund-raise for the trip, Ms McDonald is holding a cent sale this weekend which will include get-away holiday prizes (as well as hundreds of other prizes).

She has never been to Africa and, motivated by a desire to serve, she is looking forward to the fourteen day trip.

“I’m very excited,” I think it will be amazing,” she said.

Dreamweaver runs a range of programs but Ms McDonald is participating in their chiropractic care program.

Although it might seem like an unusual service to offer, Dreamweaver explains on their website, “for hundreds of years, local Maasai have had chronic muscular and joint strains caused by the strenuous lives they must live. Many walk tens of miles every week and live in conditions that tax their nervous system and bodies”.

Ms McDonald has been a chiropractic assistant in Gladstone for five years and is passionate about the difference chiropractic work can make.

She decided to take the trip after attending a conference in Brisbane where two chiropractors talked about their own experiences on mission trips.

While chiropractors will be going on the trip, Ms McDonald and her daughter will help out with local projects on the trip in whatever way they can, for instance by helping to paint school buildings.

“Knowing that these people over there, they don’t have access to chiropractors; to help these people, I just think it’s amazing,” she said.

Ms McDonald and Haylee, along with the other volunteers on the trip, will stay in the township of Kimana, in southern-most Kenya close to the Tanzanian border and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kylee and Haylee will stay at a lodge owned by the charity, which has also built a school in the town and is currently building a hospital.

Ms McDonald said, of the big decision to take her daughter, “I just want her to be able to see what it’s like not to live with iPads and iPhones and Wi-Fi. Some of the places we go don’t have running water or electricity”.

As part of their stay, they will visit an orphanage where, Ms McDonald says, the children are required to wash their own clothes.

“I hope Haylee will able to experience hand-washing her own clothes when she’s over there, just so she knows how good she’s got it at home,” she said.

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