‘Game of Thrones’: Isaac Hempstead Wright on Bran’s Powers and Ties to the Night King

So that raises the question of how much he knows, and when he knows it. Say with the Littlefinger situation, did Bran know everything about that when he first said, “Chaos is a ladder”? Or when he gave Arya the dagger? When did he clue in the Stark siblings? Because that’s a moment that must have happened offscreen, and it affects how we read the Sansa-Arya interactions.

How it was phrased to me is basically, Bran has the library of the history of the world at his fingertips. He can look up anything, but he hasn’t yet looked through it all. It’s like everything has been downloaded into his brain, like he’s got a Kindle library of everything, but he hasn’t read all the books yet. He can look up a particular page, but he hasn’t learned the whole thing by heart just yet, as the old Three-Eyed Raven may have.

But it occurs to Sansa that Bran basically has a CCTV collection at her disposal, and she thought, “What better way to figure out what Littlefinger’s up to than by asking someone who can definitively find out everything he’s ever said?” So I think before Sansa decided whether it was her sister that was a threat, or it was in fact Littlefinger, she came to Bran and said, “Look, can we look up what Littlefinger’s been up to?” And Bran said, “Yep, this is everything.” And then they were like, “This is the situation.” There was a little scene that we did shoot, which I don’t think made it in there, where Sansa comes to Bran’s door and asks if he can help. I’m sure we’ll see that on the DVD’s deleted scenes.

Have you seen all the memes that have generated from emo Bran this season?

Many, many memes. There was a great one where Meera comes to Bran, going, “Oh, Bran! But Hodor died for you!” and there’s a little picture showing like on WhatsApp, red, ignored. [Laughs] I’ve seen a lot of people doing screenshots of all the sex scenes, and photoshopping Bran into them, like he’s watching live porn.

Because theoretically, he’s able to watch even Jon and Dany. I mean, if he was able to observe Sansa’s wedding-night rape …

Oh, god! [Laughs] The thing is, it’s not like Bran is watching this as a teenager, going, “Oh god, this is great.” He’s literally like a supercomputer, analyzing a feed, more like, “Oh, they’ve made a connection,” or whatever. It’s all about information to Bran now. He’s the all-knowing, [laughs] slightly creepy…

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