GHOST SHIP HARBOR to Return to Quincy Shipyard for New Season of Terror

It’s back. Ghost Ship Harbor will return to the USS Salem in the Quincy Shipyard for another season of sheer terror.

Produced by Boston-based Immersive Productions, this immersive Halloween attraction will horrify, petrify and force you to confront your fears with a series of interactive and twisted experiences aboard a well-documented haunted venue.

Visitors to the ship are coming in hopes of finding refuge from the terrible plague that has consumed civilization on land. Through radio transmissions they have learned that this old decommissionEd Battleship is being commissioned to save everyone who is left. You must get to the ship before October 31st or it will be gone and you will be left to fend for yourself on land. It’s the only safe place left….or is it?

Ghost Ship Harbor will feature four distinct attractions. Returning this year will be Contagion, where visitors will go through an extensive decontamination process and a visit to the infirmaries where there is secretive testing being conducted on what looks to be people who are sick; Plague, where chaos ensues you quickly realize that the ship is not safe from the virus and the only life forms are zombies and a few people left fighting for their lives; and Paranormal Ghost Ship, an upgraded VIP experience that will explore the truly haunted history of the ship.

New this year to Ghost Ship Harbor is Fear No Evil, where visitors will enter the dreams of a little girl named Isabelle. Faced with nightmares of epic proportions. Fear no Evil will push your limits, confronting all the nightmares that Isabelle has been having. You will literally be living this nightmares from you jump from clowns, spiders, claustrophobia, snakes and other evils.

Ghost Ship Harbor will feature three new scare zones and a macabre food village. Ghoulish professional actors, intense costumes and props are designed to shock and frighten all who dare to visit, providing an experience of sheer terror from start to finish.

The USS Salem is a historic, iconic and creepy location already well documented as a haunted destination. The ship, often called, “The Sea Witch” once served as a hospital and morgue following the 1953 Ionian Earthquake where it is documented that over 400 souls lost their life on this ship. Today, many believe spirits have lingered onboard ever since and hundreds of ghost sightings have been documented. The USS Salem was featured on the television show Ghost Hunters and has been featured in books about…

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