Goodell’s confidants, advisors urging him to sign new contract extension now

With Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on a crusade to derail his contract extension at a time that the vast majority of owners support completion of a new deal, commissioner Roger Goodell is being urged by many close to him to sign the contract and put the matter behind him.

The league’s Compensation Committee will hold a conference call on Monday, as first reported by ESPN, but sources said it was ambitious to expect the contract to be announced and finalized by then. But with Goodell being urged to put it to bed, and owners feeling the same way, this will be resolved sooner rather than later.

“‎The work with the committee and between the lawyers could have gotten done this week. But attention now needs to be paid to the lawsuit threat,” according to one league source. So every minute detail will be adhered to closely and every piece of league procodure poured over.

There have been concerns at the league office, as previously reported, about potential backlash from politicians like President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, not to mention Jones himself, once the mega-contract is announced. The current political climate in the NFL is daunting to navigate with the ongoing protest controversy. Hence, some of the delays with putting the contract to bed despite it being drawn up by lawyers weeks ago and with all key negotiations essentially complete, sources said.

Now, given the bizarre events of the past week, with Jones threatening to sue the league — even though his case is seen to have little merit within league circles given that Jones was among those who voted unanimously to extend Goodell’s deal in the spring — and with almost constant media reports on the contract in recent weeks, Goodell is being told by many he trusts on such matters to put pen to paper. Despite a report that Goodell was “furious” over the structure of his new deal, several ownership sources have maintained that is anything but the case and that talks between the owners’ Compensation Committee, led by Falcons owner Arthur Blank, and Goodell’s representatives went smoothly as expected.

Most of the major issues raised by those owners dealt with the size, scope and compensation of many other high-ranking league employees, source said, long a simmering issue that has become more intense given the ongoing issue of handling pregame player protests. Issues with ratings and quality of play have become…

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