Growing Vegetables in the Subtropics Using Holistic Methods, a New Resource Book on Caring for the Land One Garden at a Time

The cover of the new book.

Ryan’s practical strategies lead to an abundance of locally grown food using organic, chemical-free methods. His multigenerational approach also improves local ecosystems, restores topsoil, reverses the impacts of erosion, and maximizes the use of water resources.

Hawai‘i farmer and tropical gardening expert, Evan Ryan just launched a new resource book Hawaii Home Gardens: Growing Vegetables in the Subtropics Using Holistic Methods. This comprehensive step-by-step guide contains the keys to a successful vegetable gardening experience. Order your copy and peek inside the book at

This detailed, easy to use manual contains valuable tips, strategies, and guidance for growing vegetables that is applicable for subtropical and tropical locations worldwide. It includes 70 color photographs and 30 hand drawn illustrations. It covers every major aspect of gardening and small-scale farming. There is no other resource of its kind available today. The book provides insight into design, implementation and care, focusing on the challenges of growing food in the unique microclimates of Hawai‘i, including:

  •     Holistic design for subtropical climates
  •     Strategies for getting started and choosing which plants to grow
  •     Composting, cover crops, and fertilization
  •     Propagation and planting
  •     Irrigation and water conservation
  •     Seed saving to create locally-adapted varieties
  •     Preventing pests, diseases, and weeds

Implementing the strategies shared in Hawai‘i Home Gardens will save you time and money while inspiring you to get out and grow. Using the book’s techniques will build confidence in home gardeners both new and experienced, as well as landscape professionals, and beginning farmers.

Author, Evan Ryan has been farming in the tropics for over 20 years. His experience began in the Ecuadorian rainforest practicing agroforestry with indigenous communities and evolved through classical training in Permaculture and organic farming in Hawai‘i, South and Central America, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. He is the director and founder of Pono Grown Farm Center (

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